MRI Together

A global workshop on Open Science and Reproducible MR Research

Meeting program

The meeting consists of lectures and panel discussions in the Opening and Closing sessions, and more practical talks including hands-on workshops in between.

Every session will be repeated twice, in two different session times separated by 12 hours, so ideally everyone will be able to enjoy it live. While the topic will be the same in the two repetitions, the speakers will change and different content will be available. All the content will be available for viewing online immediately after the live session.


The meeting will span 4 days (December 13th to 17th 2021), over multiple session times (see the timetable page for details) in order to have live content evenly distributed over all the time zones.

On day 1 we will have the opening sessions, in the Atlantic and Pacific session times, talking about the fundamentals of reproducible science (not necessarily limited to MRI) and open source development models, talking about combining commercial applications and free software. Two debates with representatives from academia and industry will complete the sessions.

On day 2, the Parallel Sessions A: Data will take place, with invited talks and hands-on interactive workshops. They will consists of parallel sessions on data, where the first session A1 will focus on data sharing and the session A2 will focus on data formats (DICOM, BIDS, etc.).

Between day 2 and day 3, the Parallel Sessions B: Basic Reproducibility will be about statistics and reproducibility, with session B1 about statistics and p-value, and session B2 about phantoms and preclinical scanning.

Bwtween day 3 and day 4, the Parallel Sessions C: Acquisition and Reconstruction will present open-source methods for MR acquisition (open and reproducible pulse sequence development, etc) and reconstruction (compressed sensing, reconstruction workflows, etc.)

On the same days, at different times, the last workshop, the Parallel Sessions D: Postprocessing, will present reproducible solutions for image analysis and artificial intelligence.

On day 4, the closing sessions will take place, again touching important arguments and round table discussions on publishing and community-driven development.

Confirmed speakers

We currently have more than 75 confirmed speakers, from academia and industry, including leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Mathworks, and many more!

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